(Canceled) Elephant Epic 2020

Elephant Epic 2020

Event details

  • Saturday | August 29, 2020
  • 7:00 am
  • Leopard's Hill, Lusaka to Lower Zambezi. Start is approximately 24.9km past the Leopards Hill Boom along the Leopards Hill Road. You will not miss the signage for ‘Elephant Epic START’ and set up.
  • 097 873 6025



Mountain bike event.



The Elephant Epic is a mountain bike race for everyone – whilst it covers a distance of 75km, which is no short cycle ride, it is an achievable ride for a range of abilities. In 2018 the completion times varied from 2hrs 30mins up to 7hrs. There is no time limit (provided you finish in the daylight) and this journey can be taken as fast and furious or as fun as you like. To this end we hope to see some more ‘Team entries’ signing up for 2020. We want to encourage entrants to stay together during the race and give each other the morale boost that is needed to complete this mountain biking challenge. The Epic might be a tough ride but it can also be a very fun and team building experience when ridden as a group.

There is a limit of 8 participants per team but for your team to qualify at the finish the following rules apply:

  1. The Team finish time will be recorded when the 4th team member crosses the finish line
  2. The first 4 members to cross the finish line must finish within 1 minute of each other



Distance: 75km
Ascent: Approximately 500 meters of climbing
Terrain: Mostly jeep track , rough in sections with loose gravel areas.




Rachael Murton and Alex Armitage
E: elephantepiczambia@gmail.com
T: 097 873 6025 (Rachael) or 096 510 8708 (Alex)

Fund raiser for Game Rangers International NGO: www.gamerangersinternational.org
Facebook: Elephant Epic
Webpage: http://elephantepic.org