ZambiaRaces Launches 2018 National MTB Series

Zambia National MTB Series

Good News! After years of hard work by dedicated race organisers around the country, Zambia finally has its own National MTB Series. The 2018 Zambian National MTB Series will consist of 6 rounds, spread evenly across the country. Championship categories will run from Under 14 (for 13 and 14 year

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Getting ‘Big Race’ Ready:the 1Zambia Training Series

adaptation phase of training

Right. You’ve just made that decision to ride the 1Zambia (or the Sani2C or any other big race, really), and you’re all excited to get out there and do it. There’s only one problem. For the past three months, you’ve completely forgotten how to ride your bike, and you’ve been

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Film Review: Wheel Love

Wheel Love Mtb video

During the 2016 DH world cup season, Rob Warner referred to Josh Bryceland as “Perhaps the last derelict to win a World Cup.” It felt like the era of rock star downhillers was coming to an end, and clean-cut professionalism would be the only way to win a race from

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Should I Follow My Training Program to a “T”?

Something that I’ve learned on my journey to becoming a pro athlete is that I, personally, do not train well without a coach. If I have coach that I trust, I follow my training program exactly as its given to me, no questions asked. However, this mentally can become a

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